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Texas Democrat Candidate Mohamed Arrested, Charged With Over 100 Counts Of Felony Voter Fraud

What’s Happening:

Democrats have said for a long time that voter fraud is a myth.

(Funny enough, that’s not what they were saying back when Obama was running!)

Yet we often see stories about people, from coast to coast, doing exactly the thing we were told was impossible.

The bad news is, here is yet another story where a Democrat was caught trying to cheat.

The good news? He is facing justice:

A mayoral candidate in Carrollton has been arrested and charged with voter fraud.

The Denton County Sheriff’s Office has Zul Mirza Mohamed in custody and charged him with 109 felonies related to voter fraud…

Officials say absentee ballots had been requested to be sent to a P.O. Box in Lewisville, that was supposed to belong to a nursing home facility. When investigators made contact with the Carrollton residents whose ballots had been requested they learned that none of the residents had asked for ballots be mailed to the PO Box.

A mayoral candidate in Texas was arrested and charged with 109 counts of voter fraud.

Turns out, absentee ballots for a nursing home were sent to a P.O. box. Yet none of the residents were getting those ballots.

They didn’t even ask for ballots to be mailed to that address!

It seems like this man was trying to ballot harvest, gathering up as many ballots through the mail as possible.

This is one of the many reasons voting by mail should be the exception, not the rule. It so easy for people to steal ballots—or for ballots to mysteriously disappear.

Why go through all the trouble of requesting a mail-in ballot, when you can just go to a polling place and make sure your vote is counted?

Democrats have tried to spread fear over COVID to get a record number of people to request ballots.

But the fact of the matter is, the real risk isn’t catching a virus at the polling place (there are protections in place). The real risk is your vote not counting because someone stole your ballot.

Key Takeaways:

  • A mayoral candidate in Texas was arrested for 109 counts of voter fraud.
  • The man allegedly tried to ballot harvest, taking ballots from residents of a nursing home.
  • Voting by mail has frequently been shown to be unsafe and ripe for fraud.

Source: CBS Local

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Trump Torches Biden’s Shameful Move – Donald Orders Joe To Reconsider, and Fast

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden has dropped a lot of rotten eggs in his first few months in office. But it seems like this one is particularly objectionable to Donald Trump.

Most of Joe’s decisions appear to be a knee-jerk reaction to President Trump’s policies. Whatever Trump did, Joe does the opposite.

Hardly the actions of a visionary leader, is it?

Donald Trump is breaking the precedent set by other presidents and is very vocal about Biden’s terrible policies (almost as if he’s still running a campaign, huh?). And he’s coming down very hard on Biden’s latest mistake.

From Daily Caller:

Former President Donald Trump called on President Joe Biden Sunday to reconsider extending the United States’ deadline for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan…

“First, we can and should get out earlier. Nineteen years is enough, in fact, far too much and way too long…

Secondly, September 11th represents a very sad event and period for our Country and should remain a day of reflection and remembrance honoring those great souls we lost.”

President Trump has secured an agreement to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan on May 1 of this year.

Naturally, Biden screwed up that deal. He pushed back the full withdrawal of troops to September 11.

Why? Is Biden so bad at his job that he delayed this much-needed withdrawal by months? It seems so.

One of Trump’s hallmarks in office was to broker deals nobody thought possible. He secured many deals in the Middle East, that should ensure peace among countries.

Biden doesn’t have a shred of the reputation for deals as Trump does. He clearly ruined one deal. How many more will he foul-up?

Trump warned that 19 years is long enough to mess around Afghanistan. Our men and women deserve to be home, before the Summer, to be with their families.

Biden is risking more loss of life by extending their stay by so many months. And he gives no good reason for doing so.

Trump also explained that doing it on September 11 takes away from the Day of Remembrance for the victims of 9/11.

Clearly, whoever is making the decisions in the White House has no idea what they’re doing. For once, why don’t they take Trump’s advice?

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump criticized Biden’s delay in withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.
  • Trump had them coming home on May 1, Biden pushed it back to September 11.
  • The 45th president condemned Biden for fouling up deals he had originally made.

Source: Daily Caller

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Biden Loses It In Front Of World Leader – He Just Dropped A Shocking Racist Insult

What’s Happening:

Whatever Donald Trump said was analyzed to death by the liberal media. They often took his quotes out of context to slander him.

But the same biased media go out of their way to cover Biden’s many gaffes and downright bizarre statements.

We’d run out of room covering every stupid thing Joe says. But this one demands attention.

From Twitter:


President Biden congrats the Japan PM on Hideki Matsuyama becoming the first Japanese golfer to win the Masters:

“I know how proud you are of the people of Japan are. And you’ve got a Japanese boy coming over here, and guess what, he won the Masters.”

Uh… what did I just hear?

Joe Biden, while addressing the prime minister of Japan, called the Masters champ, Hideki Matsuyama, a “Japanese boy.”

Does anyone vet the nonsense coming out of his old man’s mouth?

If Trump had said this, the media would be screaming. They would claim, as usual, he was a xenophobic racist who hates Asian people.

But when Biden does it, they don’t even blink.

Remember, just a month ago, the media was falling over themselves to “defend” Asian Americans. You couldn’t go anywhere online without reading their bogus statements of “support” for Asians who are apparently being discriminated against by conservatives.

Now, they don’t even call attention to the fact that their figurehead called a grown man—who won a prestigious tournament—a “Japanese boy.”

That is typical of the kind of dismissive and insulting language Biden uses when referring to minorities.

Remember when he accused black Trump supporters of “not being black”? Or when he said “poor kids” are just as smart as “white kids”?

Clearly, the man has a pre-Civil Rights view of non-white Americans. It comes out all the time.

Yet the “righteous” progressive media just smiles and waves. Oh, don’t get too upset about grandpa. That’s just his way.

Give me a break.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden insulted Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama by calling him a “Japanese boy.”
  • He said this while speaking to the prime minister of Japan.
  • As expected, the liberal media said nothing.

Source: Twitter

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Squad’s Ayanna Pressley Lands In Hot Water – Report Claims She Raked In Rental Property Cash While Pushing To Cancel Rents

During the height of the pandemic last year, progressives and Democrat leaders pushed a series of controversial ideas.

One of the most extreme was the idea of cancelling rents and even mortgages for many American citizens.

One squad member supported the idea — but she might’ve raked in big cash by doing exactly what she wanted to stop.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) pushed the rent/mortgage cancellation idea often on social media.

She also co-sponsored the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act along with fellow Squad members Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

But Pressley herself is apparently a landlord. And she didn’t stop collecting, either, according to reports.

Via The Daily Wire:

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) … appears to have collected income from various rental properties at the same time she urged her congressional colleagues to cancel Americans’ rent.

Citing a Washington Free Beacon article, Pressley bought a home in Boston for $658,000 in 2019, then she used it as a rental property.

According to rental records, it was originally listed for $2,500/month, then later dropped to $2,300/month.

The records indicate that Pressley and her husband made as much as $15,000 in rental income in 2019.

This was before the pandemic in 2020, but she allegedly refinanced the house in August of last year, and she had to get rental loss insurance with it.

Rental loss insurance covers a landlord for loss of rental income, if they can’t rent the property.

This suggests that Pressley continued to earn money on this rental property — all the while pushing a rent cancellation act.

Pressley was very active in pushing the bill that would erase rental responsibilities, which would of course hurt landlords.

But as a landlord, it doesn’t look like Pressley was hurt at all.

This is the sort of evident hypocrisy that right-wing politicos and citizens continue to rail against, especially when the evidence appears to flow.

Key Takeaways:

  • During the pandemic, Squad member Ayanna Pressley pushed the idea of canceling rent and mortgage.
  • But reports indicate she’s a landlord, and never stopped pulling in money on her rental property.
  • Republicans and others claimed canceling rent for Americans would have a profoundly negative impact on landlords.

Source: The Daily Wire

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After Pence Undergoes Surgery For His Heart Rate – He Gives Update On His Condition, Says “On The Road To A Full Recovery”

Former Vice President Mike Pence surprised everyone this past week with news that he was heading into surgery for a crucial operation.

Pence, at 61 years of age, was having a slow heart-rate which may have been related to the asymptomatic heart blockage he reported in 2016 after becoming the VP nominee for President Trump.
As we have now uncovered, Pence had a pacemaker implanted to help regulate his heart and keep him healthy. While this is a relatively safe procedure, anything related to heart surgery can be a serious ordeal.

Just a few hours ago, we received a major update from the former VP himself,
check it out:

Great to be Back to Work Today! My Doctors say I’m on the road to a full recovery! I will always be grateful for their caring professionalism and the Prayers and Kind Words from So Many across the Country. Thanks So Much! God is good. Onward!

@Mike_Pence on Twitter


It sounds like he is out of surgery and doing well on the road to recovery, thank God!

As to whether the former VP plans to run again alongside Trump in a potential 2024 bid for the Presidency, that much is unknown. Neither Trump nor Pence has made a firm commitment to running in 2024, although Donald has been dropping some pretty big hints.

Just last night Trump mentioned ““So I say this, I am looking at it very seriously, beyond seriously.”

Will Mike Pence be in good health and ready to go in 2024? Based on the update we are getting today from Mike I think that would be likely and he should have plenty of good years left in politics.

However, a more important question might be, will Donald Trump WANT Mike Pence to be his running mate if he runs in 2024. And that we will have to wait to find out.

Do you think Trump should choose Mike to be his VP if he runs again or someone new?

Source: Fox News

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Joe Biden Just Got Blindsided – His Woke Education Secretary Nailed In Shock Report

What’s Happening:

Americans need to be paying attention, right about now.

The media likes to pretend that Joe Biden is a “moderate” leader who is bringing us back from the “extreme” days of Donald Trump.

But from everything we’ve seen, Biden is far from being a moderate. We’ve reported on the news that the progressive left has the man strongarmed. And every decision he’s made shows he’s nothing but a puppet for the most extreme liberals.

A new report is even more concerning. His education secretary wants to transform our schools in a stunning way.

From Fox News:

At his old job as the Connecticut education commissioner, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona wrote in a 2019 email that he wanted to take steps to ensure teachers were supportive of a new “woke” curriculum the state was implementing…

Among the reasons, he said, “We need teachers behind this wave of our curriculum becoming more ‘woke.’”…

The DOE spokesperson also did not specifically address questions about whether Cardona aims to make curricula more “woke” nationwide or whether he was concerned teachers might not be “behind” a “woke” curriculum.

Already, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s office is trying to dodge this story, but the cat’s out of the bag.

When he was in charge of Connecticut’s education system, he urged teachers to get behind “woke” curriculum he was pushing.

(Yes, he literally used the term “woke” in an unironic, unsarcastic way. That’s chilling.)

The content in question was certainly progressive, PC garbage. It appeared to be an attempt to rewrite our history and culture by propping up “African-American, Black, Puerto Rican, and Latino” peoples.

Like most “woke” content, it will isolate these minority groups, while ignoring or denigrating everyone else (mostly white people).

It’s hard not to argue this curriculum is aimed at brainwashing students and dismissing the contributions of our Founding Fathers (few of whom were in these minority groups).

The Department of Education is scrambling to deny if Cardona wants to push this kind of content nationwide.

But if he was willing to do this when he was a small fry in Connecticut, why wouldn’t he do the very same thing now?

The left is taking no prisoners in their quest to poison the minds of students, while eroding our history and national identity.

The only silver lining is that the last year got more kids out of public school and into home school. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s education secretary has been outed for pushing “woke” content in Connecticut.
  • While education commissioner in CT, he urged teachers to get behind the new curriculum.
  • He demanded teachers support content that will rewrite American history to progressive standards.

Source: Fox News

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Black Pastor Blindsides Black Lives Matter – Calls Them The Worst Thing You Could Think Of

What’s Happening:

Oh, boy. Democrats are going to be reeling over this one.

A black pastor has been watching what’s been going on in this country over the last years.

It seems like he’s not at all happy with the way things are turning out. But not in the way Democrats expected him to be.

Because this black Christian leader is calling out the left’s favorite new tool: Black Lives Matter. And he’s condemning their ideology.

From Newsweek:

“COVID is a medical problem and a disease problem that is going to run its course,” [Pastor E.W.] Jackson said. “I think Black Lives Matter could so infect the culture of our country, so divide us racially that it could take a generation to undo the damage they are doing.”

Here he is explaining the comparison more fully:


Black pastor E.W. Jackson criticized Black Lives Matter, comparing the radical group to COVID-19.

Bucking the demands from the left that all black Americans think alike, the man said that BLM could have worse effects on the country than the virus.

He believes that the ideas spread by this radical group—often considered a hate group by people on the right—will continue to poison and divide our country. He even believes it could take a generation to “undo the damage” this group is causing.

When you look at BLM’s legacy, it’s hard to argue with Pastor Jackson. The group claims to be fighting for black lives, but they leave a path of destruction wherever it goes.

Black Lives Matter is best known for staging violent protests that often devolve into riots. Their “supporters” loot stories, burn down homes, and spread violence across major cities.

They are quick to revolt whenever a police officer encounters a black person (often, the cop is forced to intervene to protect themselves).

But when a black person dies at the hands of criminals (even black criminals)? BLM is silent.

On top of that, Black Lives Matter spreads far-left, “woke” propaganda about white Americans and other groups. They seem to be trying to poison the minds of young black Americans, leading them to believe all white people are racist monsters.

COVID might be a deadly virus that has taken lives worldwide. But it has not turned an entire group of Americans against law and order, police officers, and their own neighbors.

So, maybe Pastor Jackson is on to something?

Key Takeaways:

  • Black pastor, E.W. Jackson, slammed Black Lives Matter, calling it worse than COVID.
  • He accused the group of spreading division in the country that could take years to undo.
  • BLM is best known for violent riots that have destroyed numerous U.S. cities.

Source: Newsweek

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BLM Rioter Just Got Served With Justice – He’s Getting A Massive Punishment For His Fiery Destruction

What’s Happening:

Some Americans might be getting worried that justice is no longer served in the United States.

In recent years, the cause of justice has been tainted by Democrat race-baiting. Democrats have even muddied the waters by releasing criminals or removing bail.

They condemned the Capitol riot, calling it terrorism. But over the last year, BLM has burned down cities.

To this day, people fear what the group will do next. Democrats call it all peaceful protests, and ignore the damage.

But all is not lost. At least one man who helped burn down a Minneapolis police station is getting what he deserves.

From Western Journal:

Dylan Shakespeare Robinson will spend four years behind bars and pay $12 million in restitution for his role in burning down a police station…

According to the federal complaint, Robinson allegedly helped rip down a perimeter fence and lit the Molotov cocktail that another person threw at the building, setting it ablaze.

A man who helped burn down parts of Minneapolis during the May 2020 riots will be facing heavy punishment for his crimes.

The young man tore down a perimeter fence around a police station and lit the explosive that started the blaze.

Donald Trump must be thrilled to see someone who caused such chaos during his presidency get some justice for his actions against our country.

I wonder if the man is proud of what he did. Sure, last year, the media and parts of our government were applauding criminals like him for destroying this country.

He might have considered what he was doing an “act of justice,” despite the danger he put many people in.

But today, where are all those people who called him a hero? Where are all the Democrats who bailed out rioters so they could continue their spree?

None of them are able or willing to get this guy out of his punishment. He will face four years in jail and have to pay $12 million in restitution.

His lawyer is already trying to get him out of paying that sum, but don’t be fooled. The government will be hounding him for it for years to come.

It might sound like a heavy penalty, but keep in mind, this man’s actions could have cost lives.

I wonder if the rest of these “protesters” will learn a lesson?

Key Takeaways:

  • A man who helped burn down a Minneapolis police station will face 4 years in prison.
  • He will be forced to pay $12 million in restitution for his actions in May 2020.
  • This “activist” was one of many who rioted, looted, and burned cities last year.

Source: Western Journal

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Biden Caught Restarting $7B Obama Treason – Iran Just Claimed Joe’s Doing It Again

What’s Happening:

Remember how shocked Americans were that Obama sent Iran—one of our worst enemies—a literal pallet of cash?

Obama tried to deny it, until pictures came out proving it was true. Obama gave the terrorist-supporting country over $2 billion in cold hard cash.

What do you think they did with all that money? Can’t say for sure, but they sure do have nice uranium centrifuges, don’t they?

President Trump put a stop to all that. But Biden is itching to help this enemy nation once again.

And now, it looks like he’s already restarted Obama’s treasonous activity. At least, that’s what Iran is saying.

From Daily Wire:

Iranian state television claimed on Sunday that the Biden administration agreed to unfreeze $7 billion in Iranian oil assets and release four Iranians held in U.S. custody in exchange for the release of four Americans accused of spying.

An Iranian state TV station is saying that Biden will unfreeze $7 billion in assets for Iran and give them four of their agents.

Of course, Biden is denying this is true. But we’ve heard that before. Obama claimed he wasn’t sending gold to Iran, until pictures proved him to be a liar.

He then made a big excuse, saying this had something to do with an old agreement made with Iran back in the 1970s.

Hmm, I think much more recent events supersede that agreement. Like Iran being taken over by radical terrorist-loving leaders.

Can we really trust Biden’s claims that Iran is wrong—when he’s cut from the same cloth as Obama?

Evidence suggests he’s even more left than Obama was. More radical, more inconsistent, and more dishonest.

If Iran is true, that means they will be getting a massive windfall—for apparently little in return.

Iran is a terrorist-supporting regime that has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. They are known for chanting “Death to America” in their streets.

Why should we give them one red penny, when they pose such a threat to the world?

Hopefully, this one time, Biden is telling the truth. But we aren’t counting on it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Iranian state TV claims that Biden is releasing $7 billion to the terrorist nation.
  • Biden’s administration claims the story is not true.
  • Previously, Obama also denied a report of Iranian aid—only to be proven dishonest.

Source: Daily Wire

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